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Tippmann 98 / A5 AK47-B Barrel Kit
Tippmann AK47
L003285; M003985

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RAP4 Tippmann AK47-B series markers, based closely on the AK47- the most widely used assault rifle in the world! Now you can turn your Tippmann markers into the ultimate opposing force marker for the most realistic paintball game ever. Pit a team of T68 owners against the Tippmann 98 AK47-B team, and you'll have a scenario game that looks so real you'll swear your field was in Afghanistan. Each unit is built from an authentic Tippmann 98 or Tippmann A5.

The Tippmann AK47-B series markers then take shape with our body kits. Each one then gets a standard Weaver flat top rail system, with which you can mount virtually any military spec scopes, lights, and sights. The Tippmann AK47-B series also comes with an optional electronic trigger system for selective firing modes: semi, automatic, and burst.

Already own a Tippmann marker? Get a conversion kit now! The kit is easy to install, and you can turn your Tippmann into the ultimate scenario marker in no time.

This Tippmann 98 AK47 barrel is an excellent upgrade for your Tippmann marker to improve your tactical scenario games. This barrel kit comes with a 14" barrel, sight, and grip.



This is Tippmann AK47-B barrel is an excellent upgrade for you Tippmann A5 marker to improve your tactical scenario games. This barrel kit comes with a 14" barrel, sight and grip.



AK47-B Barrel Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1: Loosen rear cap fixing screw
Step 2: Loosen center cap fixing screw

Step 3: Loosen front cap fixing screw

Step 4: Loosen tension bar fixing screw and slide the tension bar forward

Step 5: Loosen sling cap fixing screw
Step 6: Loosen front sight fixing screw

Step 7: Tighten the barrel to your marker and make sure that the barrel is on firmStep 8: Realign front sight and caps to the marker and tighten all fixing screws.

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